Top 10 Tips to Help You Get your North Caolina Real Estate Broker's License

1. Visit the North Carolina Real Estate Commission's website for free information on the licensing process, then call 919-730-7067 or email us to register to attend a free information session to learn more about the time and financial requirements for getting started.

2. Download the latest list of approved real estate schools

3. Once you find a school with class offerings that fits your schedule, get enrolled, buy your study materials, and get started with your classes

4. Be a good student! DO THIS: Read the material before each class, pay attention as the instructor presents the topic, then re-read the same material after class. REPETITION is the key to learning.

5. Have a problem topic? Many experienced real estate brokers are willing to mentor you through tougher parts of the content and may be able to provide 'real-life' examples that will make it more understandable. Mark Thomas is willing to help you!

6. Concerned about your basic math skills? Consider getting a separate book to help you brush-up on basic math.

7. Take the practice exams and quizzes seriously. This will help you identify areas where you may need extra help and study.

8. After you finish your classroom exam, try to take the state exam with 3-4 weeks while the course material is still fresh in your mind.

9. Once licensed, begin your search for a company that will help you start your real estate brokerage business. As we all have heard, in real estate the most important thing is location, location, location. But for the new real estate agent, it's TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING. Make sure the company you select has proven, fundamental, training. This training should also include 'live help' -a real person or MENTOR. Web-based learning opportunities (available 24/7/365) are a must- especially with the busy schedules we all keep.

10. Talk to several brokerage companies before you decide on the best fit for you. In addition to training issues, consider the overall workplace environment- including the intangibles. Do you really see yourself working for that company?